Our Roastery

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Our Roastery

A unique space, which acts as a roasting and packaging facility, as a cupping lab and a retail coffee shop. Coffee operators get the chance to see for themselves our unique sourcing model. Through the TRIBE Roastery, the client has the opportunity to receive specific tasting and general coffee cupping. Our Roastery sets new standards for coffee roasting, brewing and serving, a place where the professional coffee industry and simple coffee lover can discover new exciting coffee paths.

Transparent Process

Roasting happens out in the open; the client can experience the process and in this way join the TRIBE in its coffee adventures. Just like our process is sustainable and traceable, we also believe in working out in the open to provide transparency and awareness from and to the client.

Transparent process tribecoffeeroasters
Sit-In and Enjoy

Sit-In and Enjoy

At TRIBE, we love people coming in and joining us in our coffee adventures. We might be a state-of-the-art coffee roastery but our coffee venue is a great place to work, meet friends or grab a coffee for the road. Those who have discovered the TRIBE have become great Tribers too!

Join our Coffee Club today!

We have an open-house policy at TRIBE but for those who want to establish a deeper connection, we have created the TRIBE Coffee Club, a great community for true coffee aficionados!

12-month membership at a yearly fee of 100EUR
Membership starts on the first day of each month.
 • A bag of 250g of freshly roasted coffee beans delivered at your door at the beginning of each month.
 • Priority on cuppings and tastings of new selections of our Single Origin coffees at the shop.
 • 10% discount on wet sales at the shop.
 • 10% discount on coffee accessories sold at the shop.

To find out more click here or to join the TRIBE Coffee Club click here .