Green Coffee

Green Coffee

We provide green coffee to large roasters/traders and smaller micro-roasters from all over the world. We cooperate with Great Lakes Coffee (GLC) which has been in the coffee business for over 90 years. Great Lakes Coffee operate 2 Green Coffee Export businesses, in D.R. Congo (Coffeelac SARL) and in Uganda (Great Lakes Coffee Ltd), exporting over 10,000 metric tons of green coffee per year.


D.R. Congo & Uganda coffees represents a unique opportunity for coffee roasters looking for clean cup consistency (80+ SCAAC Cup Scores), with a competitive price and scalable volume. Unlike many African origins whereby coffee prices are trading at record high prices, D.R. Congo and Uganda coffees continue to offer great value for money and opportunity to be blended in with other coffees or to create standalone origin coffees.

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How it connects with TRIBE

In 2016, GLC took an exciting new step forward and decided to bring green coffee selections closer to its clients. Along with its Shareholders, we founded Tribe Coffee Roasters Ltd in Cyprus, offering a selection of D.R. Congo and Uganda Green Coffee for sale and distribution for European and Middle East/Gulf Clients

How you can purchase

Clients are free to buy as little as 1 bag (60kg)  for delivery to their destination directly from TRIBE’s Cyprus warehouse. Both Green Coffee or Roasted Coffee samples of all our current stock lots are available for courier dispatch to you. As we get to understand our client’s requirements further, in the near future we will look to expand our green coffee origin selection beyond just D.R. Congo & Uganda Coffees.

green coffee