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Promoting dignified work for Congolese women

Coffeelac and SHIFT: Social Impact Solutions : making real difference

SHIFT Social Impact Solutions is currently working with Coffeelac Coffee Exporters and Rebuild Women’s Hope (RWH) in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to provide women with training, equipment and access to international coffee markets. Together they have provided women with provided women with the tools and the know how to take control of their economic future by integrating them into the coffee value chain. The Coffeelac Rebuild Women’s Hope program includes:

  • The building of two washing stations on Idjwi Island
  • Entrepreneurship and economic empowerment training for RWH’s  members

Today, RWH has expanded to 1,800 members growing high-quality Arabica coffee and continues to build a spirit of entrepreneurship among the women on Idjiwi Island. The close collaboration between SHIFT, Coffeelac and RWH has allowed RWH and its members to realize their dream of rebuilding hope and dignity among women coffee farmers in the DRC.

But what does SHIFT: Social Impact Solutions do? Today, SHIFT focuses on developing programs and platforms within the coffee industry that aim to improve the value of the product and the lives of the of those involved in the supply chain. The level of intervention is tri-fold: they start right at the Origin level, working with producers to increase production and improve farmer livelihoods. Secondly, they are involved at the Supply Chain level, creating and advocating transparent and responsible supply chains that maximize farme rincomes and create sustainable impact in sourcing communities and third they deal with the Market level, where they are involved with Consumer Outreach, Industry Engagement and Advocacy, to cultivate ideas, develop partnerships, and develop the support required to make long term impact in sustainable agricultural supply chains.

Sara Mason is a member of the SHIFT: Social Impact Solutions’ team and has travelled to the DRC to experience first-hand the results of RWH coffee and the effect it has made on local women. To  view Sara’s visit to the Coffeelac coffee washing stations in the DRC see below: